Gold Inlays

Parvis Dental are pleased to offer our patients gold inlays in Coventry. Gold Inlays and Onlays  are gold fillings that are made in the dental laboratory and placed in back teeth usually. Sometimes the gold filling will be designed to cover the cusps  of the teeth to help protect the tooth and stop it breaking, these are known as Onlays .

The procedure  involves two visits.

At the first visit your  dentist  will  remove any decay in the tooth , then take a mould and fit a temporary filling which will remain until your next visits .

The mould is then used by the dental  laboratory to make the inlay or Onlay.

At the second visits with your dentist the inlay or Onlay will be “glued”  in with a dental cement.

Gold fillings such as this are very strong and can last many years and are usually placed in large fillings which might otherwise risk breaking with a normal filling material such as amalgam .  They are most often used in back teeth if the patient is unconcerned about having white fillings as an alternative.  If Cosmetics is an issue a composite or porcelain filling could be considered.