Get your smile on!

Get your smile on!

How many times a day do you think you smile? 10? 50? 500?

The average person is believed to smile about 20 times a day, although the happier among us could get up to 50 times. It seems we smile less and less as we get older – as children, our number of daily smiles could reach closer to 400!

Did you know that smiling is good for your health?

It’s a shame that we don’t all do it more as smiling is thought to bring with it several health benefits. For a start, it can help to reduce stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins (chemicals) that make you feel happier and more confident. Smiling can also strengthen your immune system by making your body produce white blood cells to fight illnesses.

From a social point of view, smiling is believed to make you more approachable, more attractive and seem more trustworthy.

There are many reasons why we might not feel the need to smile too often, such as stress at work, a lack of sleep or other external influences that cause concern. Another common reason for not smiling is that we don’t like the look of our teeth. Unlike other factors that may be outside our control, our teeth, we can do something about.

Have you ever considered teeth whitening?

Doing something as simple as whitening your teeth could make an enormous difference to your smile, in turn giving your confidence, your mood and your health a boost. It is easy to do, perfectly safe and probably less expensive than you think.

At Parvis Dental, we are proud to be an accredited Centre of Excellence for Enlighten teeth whitening. This means we are among the leading providers of this treatment in the UK, giving you the perfect opportunity to brighten your smile and feel great about yourself.

Various treatment options are available, depending on the current colour of your teeth and how white you wish to go. The process is simple and takes only two weeks, with our highly qualified team overseeing every step of your journal to give you complete peace of mind.

What’s more, the results can last a long time if you look after your teeth and make use of the top-up solutions available.

If you wish you could smile more but the appearance of your teeth is holding you back, don’t suffer in silence any longer. Smiling is good for you – so get your smile on with Parvis Dental!


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